Wireless & Mobile Security

Today, business is everywhere. Working on open WiFi makes it easy to steal your data.

Security breaches are often targeted through the weakest point of entry, providing hackers a platform to launch attacks within the company’s infrastructure. A staggering number of these attacks are conducted within physical proximity of a company’s wireless devices by exploiting its security standards.

Conducting business safely and privately, while protecting your data over wireless/mobile technology requires the highest level of blended and layered security. This is especially important as data traverses through radio waves, which could be easily copied, analyzed and ultimately used to compromise your business.

The Radix Group is completely focused on hardening our client’s wireless and mobile security. We do this by continually challenging and testing security standards against the techniques used by attackers. In addition, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to secure your wireless and mobile infrastructure.

Freedome For Business

Personal VPN service, device management and mobile security

Freedome for Business provides device management, secure VPN and mobile security in a single package. It’s a combination of easy manageability and security that gives you true peace of mind. With Freedome, you can secure and manage all mobile devices at the push of a button. Freedome doesn’t change the way people work, so securing personal devices used for business is not a problem. Freedome for Business is available as a part of Protection Service for Business.

  • WiFi Security. Personal VPN is essential to avoid risking sensitive business data
  • Fleet Management. Monitor devices and their security status, and take action when required
  • Anti-theft. Remotely wipe device data and enforce passcodes
  • Anti-malware. Protects against harmful applications and modern web threats targeting iOS and Android
  • More value. Device Management, VPN and Mobile Security for the price and work of one
  • More speed. Resource-light solution – does not slow down devices or web browsing
  • Less work. Manage everything centrally from one portal, saving time
  • Less worry. True peace of mind, knowing mobiles are secure and under control

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