systems & network security

Digital security is the new frontier of the technical era we now live in. As governments and companies take precautions, their attacking adversaries are substantially ahead of the curve. This often is the catalyst that pioneers new security standards that are eventually implemented, unfortunately after organizations have been breached and the vulnerability safeguard is no longer relevant. The US Government, Fortune 1000 and small to medium sized companies have all been either specifically targeted and/or have fallen prey simply by not taking the necessary security precautions.

The Radix Group pioneers tomorrows security today by taking a multi demensional analysis of any and all potential security related risks in every facet of your business. An organization can have the most prestigious digital fortress, all to have their highest level of proprietary information walk out the front door on a USB drive. Digital security ironically is not always digital. It’s often coupled with a mixture of social engineering, phishing and complex passive attack maneuvers that lead to the compromising of digital information.

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