software implementation

Every company’s needs are unique based on a multitude of variables. The one size fits all methodology doesn’t work for The Radix Group and is rarely a true solution. We take the time to go over your day to day operations and procedures from every vantage of your business to find the best solutions to meet and exceed your needs. Often times this process also involves either an upgrade or migration of data. Our approach allows us to implement these new solutions parallel to your live production environment. This provides you with the ability to acclimate to the software upgrade and switch when your company is ready.

The Radix Group is not, nor ever will be a software reseller. We often promote and implement open source solutions which cost you nothing. The Wall Street Journal sites these solutions are used by Facebook, Google, GE and even the New York Stock Exchange to name a few. Some technology based firms are bias in their software recommendations either for commission or for other financial gains, unfortunately resulting in providing sub par solutions to their customers. This goes against our core business principals in providing whats best for our clients. If requested, we could offer our services to negotiate software costs with your preferred software vendor to ensure you’re provided the best possible rate if an open source solution isn’t viable for your needs.

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