Endpoint Security

Protect your data and the endpoints that store it.

With cyber threats increasing in number and sophistication daily, and businesses going mobile, one thing has become painfully clear: protecting the perimeter alone has proven ineffective… just read the news! 90% of enterprises have been breached according to one study. And the average cost of a corporate security breach has increased by 23 percent over the last two years, averaging $3.8 million per intrusion incident.

Through our partner F-Secure, we are encompassing endpoint security, network security and security management solutions to address the growing need to protect servers, PCs, laptops and mobile devices that reside inside and outside your network perimeter defenses against intentional and unintentional cyber threats, their devastating consequences and enforce online privacy in the process.

Protection Service For Business

Advanced multi-device security with streamlined central management


Protection Service for Business is an advanced cloud-managed multi-device security suite that protects businesses against traditional malware, and advanced and emerging cyber threats. The solution secures all your endpoints: PCs, Macs, servers, Android and iOS smartphones, in addition to email and web services. It includes value-added tools such as automatic Patch Management and Mobile Device Management (MDM). It’s designed for businesses who demand outstanding security for all their endpoints, efficient management capabilities across multi-device fleets, and the ability to centrally manage your endpoints.

  • Protect your business against traditional malware, and advanced and emerging cyber threats
  • Secure all your endpoints: PC, Mac, Android, iOS and servers in- and outside your network
  • Patch vulnerabilities automatically for 2,500+ commonly exploited software
  • Easy to deploy and manage from one cloud-based management portal
  • Ensure outstanding protection with modern, light-weight clients
  • Offers behavioral and heuristics analysis, in addition to traditional signature-based detection
  • Highest detection rates in the industry – awarded “Best Protection” by AV-Test 4 years in a row

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